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Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Minnesota and Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident and Injury Lawyer

Unfortunately, all too often motorcyclists are stereotyped as speeding, reckless drivers recklessly moving through traffic. The fact is, more often than not, motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent automobile or truck drivers, not the motorcyclist.

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The heightened risk for accidents involving a motorcyclist is due in part to other drivers failing to pay proper attention to their surroundings and completely disregarding the motorcyclist. Motorcycle accidents tend to occur at higher rates because the size of motorcycles make them more difficult to see than a truck or automobile. Many drivers involved in collisions with motorcycles admit that they did not see the motorcyclist until the crash occurred or it was too late to avoid the collision.

Accidents involving motorcycles tend to have much more severe injuries than typical auto accidents. Motorcycles obviously offer little or no protection to a rider in the case of an accident. Motorcycles are also shorter, more narrow and typically weigh only 20% of what an average automobile weighs. Some common injuries that are common to motorcycle accident victims include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Head Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Severe skin injuries and scarring

Some of these injuries can be limited or prevented in some accidents with proper safety equipment like an approved and correctly fitting helmet, leather that covers your arms and legs, and proper eye protection.

Some motorcycle accidents are caused by road conditions; uneven lanes, improperly marked exchanges and pot holes can cause or contribute to motorcycle accidents. If you believe that your injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident were caused by dangerous highways or defective roads, call an experienced accident and injury lawyer to see if you have a valid claim.