Motorcycle Accidents & Insurance Claims.

Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance Claims

Minnesota & Wisconsin Motorcycle Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Minnesota or Wisconsin, before you sign anything or accept a check, take advantage of a free consultation with a lawyer. Getting paid correctly and in a timely manner from the insurance company for any accident can be complicated; when motorcycle insurance is involved, it can become even more diffiucult.

Do not make the mistake of trying to negotiate or settle a motorcycle accident claim directly with your insurance company. Working with a lawyer ensures that your rights are protected and that you are treated fairly.

Types of Compensation Available to Motorcycle Accident Victims

The type of compensation and coverage available to you after a motorcycle accident will depend heavily on the type of motorcycle insurance you have. Different carriers offer a wide variety of coverages from liability only up to a variety of personal injury protection riders that can be added to a policy. As a former insurance adjuster, Rick is extremely familiar with the different types of coverage and can make sure you get the compensation you are entitled to. Depending on your specific motorcycle insurance coverage, you may be eligible for compensation to cover:

Damage to your motorcycle and any related items, (for example, helmet, gloves, pants, shirt, etc.)

Payment of all medical and chiropractic costs and consideration of any future medical bills. (For example, if your accident has left you temporarily or permanently in a wheelchair, making your transportation and living environment accessible.

Payment of all lost standard and overtime wages, other job-related benefits and consideration of future loss of earnings and potential income.

Compensation for pain and suffering - this area of the claim doesn't adhere to a strict formula. It takes years of experience to determine a fair amount and only then all factors of the case are considered including scarring, residual symptoms and permanent disability. This is the area where attorneys are most valuable.

Why Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Working directly with the insurance companies can put injury victims at a big disadvantage when it comes to getting the compensation they deserve. Insurance coverage law can be complex; determining how different policies and their coverage should be applied to situation can be a topic of a lot of debate. It’s no wonder that insurance companies may deny or delay valid claims - they save money by doing so. Having a lawyer on your side shows the insurance company that you are serious and aren’t going to settle for less than you deserve.

Shouldn’t Your Motorcycle Lawyer Actually Ride a Motorcycle?

Rick Schroeder has been riding motorcycles on and off road since he was a teen. He also worked as an insurance adjuster before becoming an injury lawyer. It would be difficult to find another lawyer with the combined knowledge and experience Rick has when it comes to insurance coverage, motorcycles and injury law. He is dedicated to fighting for you and getting every penny you need to recover both physically and financially.
Start with a Free Consultation - If You Hire Us, There’s No Up-Front Fee

We understand that deciding whether to hire a lawyer, and which lawyer to hire are big decisions. That’s why we start with a free consultation. Some injury firms use the free consultation as a high-pressure sales meeting. Our goal is simply to allow you to meet our head attorney, Rick Schroeder and get your questions answered. We will give you options for moving forward which you can review at your leisure and make a decision when you are ready.