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Thousands of people from Minnesota and Wisconsin anxiously wait for spring each year for an opportunity to take out their motorcycles. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle is potentially a very dangerous activity, and this danger is only increased in the face of unsafe highway conditions, getting caught in a driver's blind-spot, or other cars failing to yield right of way to your motorcycle. If you or a loved one have been injured while riding a motorcycle in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin, you need effective and experienced representation to recover damages to ensure that you are compensated for medical bills, lost wages and damaged property.

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Motorcycles provide significantly less protection in the case of an accident than an automobile or truck. As a result, motorcycle accidents often leave riders with extremely severe injuries, and in increasing number of crashes, these injuries turn out to be fatal.

Many motorcycle accidents are caused by the lack of visibility, or lack of attention by truck and automobile drivers. In several motorcycle accident cases, the driver of the automobile who caused the accident was not even aware that they collided with another vehicle. A collision between a motorcycle and an automobile is a simple matter of physics; the car is going to be relatively unharmed, and the motorcycle and rider suffer severe damage.

In addition to the lack of protection that a motorcycle offers, and the severe size and weight differentials between a car or truck and a motorcycle, there is also the issue of visibility. Motorcycle accidents are often caused by a car changing lanes without seeing what is in their blind-spot. The lack of width, and in some cases, height of a motorcycle makes them more susceptible to not being seen versus a full size automobile.

No Fault Insurance and Determining Liability in a Motorcycle Accident

In Minnesota, due to the increased risk of operating a motorcycle, motorcyclists are not covered by "no-fault" insurance. "No-fault" insurance refers to a situation where the driver or passenger of a car is injured, no one else is found to be liable for the accident, but that driver's insurance pays for the damage.

Therefore, to recover damages from a motorcycle accident, it is required that you prove that either another driver, the equipment you were using, or the road that you were driving on contributed to the cause of the accident. These three situations are very different in the court of law:

Accidents Caused by Another Driver
If you were injured on your motorcycle and it was the fault of another driver, you can bring a suit to collect damages from that individual, or more likely, their insurance policy. This is the most common method of recovering from a motorcycle accident. A common example of this type of suit would be if a motorcycle was struck by an automobile that did not yield right of way to the motorcycle (for example, merging into the motorcyclist's lane). Another example would be if a motorcyclist was rear-ended by an automobile.

Liability Suits against Manufacturers of Equipment
If your motorcycle accident was caused because of equipment failure, you may be able to bring suit to collect damages from the manufacturer of the failed product. For example, if the tire on your motorcycle unexpectedly blew out, you may be able to bring suit against the tire manufacturer. Faulty breaks, helmet malfunction, or other problems with your equipment may entitle you to recover from the manufacturer.

Dangerous or Defective Highways
In some cases, motorcycle accidents are caused by dangerous or defective road conditions.

In any of these three cases, you need an effective motorcycle accident attorney who can advise you of your rights, and give you the best possible chance to get the maximum financial recovery from your accident. If you or a family member is injured in a motorcycle crash, it is critical that you find experienced representation from a motorcycle accident attorney who is familiar with issues affecting the outcomes of motorcycle accident cases.

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