St. Paul Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

St. Paul Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Minnesota Accident & Injury Attorney

Rick Schroeder is more than just a motorcycle accident lawyer. He is an avid and experienced motorcyclist and motorcycle enthusiest. Rick began competing in motocross in 1977 and is from a "motocross family" (as quoted from Rick's father in an interview with a Wisconsin Newspaper).

Rick began saving up for his first 100-cc bike by delivering papers and mowing lawns as a child. Since then, he has owned a great variety of bikes of all types and sizes and continues to ride every summer and tries to make it out to the rally in Sturgis, South Dakota every year.

In addition to understanding the unique challenges and traffic problems associated with motorcycles, Rick also has experience as an insurance adjuster. The combination of his in-depth understanding of motorcycles, insurance and the law makes him uniquely qualified to handle motorcycle accident and injury claims. Rick has handled cases across the United States but primarily practices in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

If you have been injured in a motorycycle accident, do not settle for a lawyer who is unfamiliar with the unique experience of riding a motorcycle. Hire an attorney who understands every step of the process and will work tirelessly to get you the best possible outcome.

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Were you injured in a motorcycle accident in the St. Paul area? Do you need an experienced and effective motorcycle accident attorney to help you understand your options? Call the attorneys at Schroeder and Mandel who offer a free consultation for motorcycle accident related injuries.

Quite often the combination of blind spots and the small size of motorcycles relative to cars are contributing factors to any motorcycle accident. For that reason, dangerous highways, on-ramps, off-ramps are particularily likely to cause motorcycle accidents. If you were involved in a crash around any of the exchanges between 694, 494, 35E or Highway 36, we can help. Our familiarity with motorcycle riding and the St. Paul highway system will assist us in understanding exactly what happened.

There are several unique factors an attorney needs to consider when reviewing, attempting to settle, or going to trial with a motorcycle accident. Be careful of personal injury lawyers who typically work with automobile accidents that say they can handle your case. One of our attorneys, Richard Schroeder, has been riding motorcycles for decades, and can put that experience and familiarity with motorcycles and motorcycle accidents to work for you.

Schroeder and Mandel offers a free consultation to motorcycle accident victims. Contact the law firm today to schedule a time to learn more about how they can help.