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Minnesota & Wisconsin Motorcycle Accidents - Free Consultation

How much will it cost to have an injury lawyer represent me?

Most accident and injury lawyers will offer a free initial consultation and represent you with no money up front, on a contingency basis. Once a settlement or verdict is reached, the lawyer is paid a pre-negotiated percentage of the money they recover. While most agreements between an injury client and lawyer are fundamentally the same, that does NOT mean that you will receive the same final outcome. Many of the large 1-800 number companies operate very high volume practices, which can cause a lack of attention to detail and a tendency to settle for amounts that may not fully compensate you for your injuries.

So who is the best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for you?

With all of the choices out there, how do you really know that the lawyer you hire is going to be the one that gets the best possible outcome for your specific situation? Here are just a few of the things someone injured in a motorcycle accident might want to consider:

  • Does your lawyer have extensive experience in and focus their practice on accident & injury law?
  • Does your lawyer have previous experience specific to motorcycle accidents?
  • Does your lawyer understand the unique experience of driving a motorcycle? Shouldn't your motorcycle accident lawyer actually ride a motorcycle?
  • Does your lawyer take a limited number of cases to ensure the highest level of attention and best possible outcome for each client?

Attorney Rick Schroeder is a former insurance adjuster who has been practicing in injury law for over 17 years. He has successfully represented motorcycle accident and injury victims and as an experienced motorcycle rider and enthusiast, he is well versed in the unique traffic circumstances that a motorcycle rider faces. Rick will take the time to understand your exact situation and make sure that your side of the story is represented carefully and vigorously.

What happens in the Free Consultation?

In your initial consultation, Rick will ask some basic questions about your accident and injury or injuries. Motorcycle accident claims are typically more complex than an auto accidents, so it is critical to examine every element of the traffic, road conditions and other circumstances around your accident. Once he has a sound understanding of your situation, he will explain your options for moving forward, the retainer agreement and answer any questions about what the process, timeline and what to expect.

Free consultations are available in my Twin Cities office or over the phone. Call toll-free, 1-877-426-8740.